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G Scott

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Grainne "G" Scott

M.S. Sport Psychologist

  • Police & Public Safety Consulting

Grainne "G" Scott has an extensive sporting background including representing NZ in Lacrosse, and Canterbury in Ice Hockey. She has coached four different sports and worked as a High Performance coach for NZ lacrosse. 

Her interest in the mental side of sport saw her complete a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and then a MS in Performance Psychology with distinction. She has spent several years working with teams and individuals of various backgrounds, supporting them with leadership, coaching, mentoring and performance enhancement strategies. 

New Zealand

  • Member of New Zealand Police (since January 2004)

    • Started as a civilian in Management. 

    • Completed top of class in Detective Training.

    • Received several promotions: Uniform Sergeant; Detective Sergeant in the Criminial Investigation Branch (CIB); Uniform Senior Sergeant.

  • Selected to lead the Cognitive Conditioning team at the Royal New Zealand Police College. 

    • Helped develop and apply relevant cognitive conditioning many police group; including, tactical and specialist teams and recruits. ​

    • provided individual support and guidance to coaches, leadership teams and other staff members. 

Solomon Islands

  • Completed a tour where she was posted on a remote island (2009)

  • As a female manager in a different jurisdiction she was required to lead by influence instead of command. 

  • She was able to implement changes to address low morale, unaccectable work practices and corruption. 

  • She was responsible for supervising, training and mentoring, 3 police stations and over 20 Solomon Island Police Staff. 

  • Oversaw the overall operation of the policy facility. 


  • Participated in the Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) Investigation team during the Christchurch Earthquake.

  • Completed 2 tours, leading teams to support the investigation into the Christchurch Mosque Shootings.

  • She has successfully won every high court trial as Officer in Charge. 


  • In 2008, she was awarded New Zealand Police sportsperson of the year.

  • She received 3 awards on completion of her recruit training. 

  • In 2016, she was seconded to Police Nation Head Quarters as Delivery Manager for the roll out of the Police High Performance Program across the organization.

  • In 2020, she was awarded a Commissioner's Commendation for her investigative work.

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