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Advantages of Advantage EAP

  • Advantage EAP is a division of Psychological Health-Roanoke, one of the most comprehensive private mental health practices in the state.

  • With 16 licensed Clinicians and over 47 mental health specialties, EAP referrals can go to the specialist first without having to be referred after the initial interview.

  • Follow-up care, if needed, is kept within our facility- no referral elsewhere in the great majority of cases

  • Outpatient EAP sessions provided as a benefit to employees and immediate family.

  • Regular orientation sessions, 2 Employee Presentations, 2 Manager training sessions, 2 Management Consultations per contract year, are all available at no extra cost.

  • Monthly newsletters/Brochures/Training Manuals

  • Quarterly reports to the employer

EAP Logistics and Statistics

For each $1 invested in an EAP, the Employer can save $5 - $16. EAPs reduce:

  • Sick leave usage by 33%

  • Work related accidents by 65%

  • Workers compensation claims by 30%

  • Lost time by 40%

  • Grievances by 50%

  • Time spent on supervisor reprimands by 74%

Advantage EAP can show your company how this valuable and affordable employee benefit can assist both employees and the employer in building a better, more productive work environment.

*Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

For Employees

  • If you are an employee of an eligible company, you and immediate family members are entitled to a predetermined set number of visits (per event) per calendar year. 


What is an EAP?

A free counseling service helping employees with all types of personal problems including, but not limited to job stress, marriage and family problems, anxiety, depression and grief.

Is it confidential?

Absolutely. Nothing about your problem is revealed to your employer, nor is your name given. If, however you are referred by the company as part of a disciplinary action, a limited amount of information will be shared with your employer.

How much will it cost me?

Each employee, and their immediate family members, are entitled to a certain number of free visits, per calendar year. If you need care beyond that, your medical insurance will help with the cost. Co-pays and deductibles are determined by your insurance company. 

We also offer a self-pay option. Payment is required at time of service and a discount is applied if paid at that time.

Is my therapist licensed? Qualified?

All Advantage EAP Counselors are fully licensed by the Virginia Department of Health Professions.

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