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The PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH ROANOKE office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm. Evening hours are available. The office staff will be able to answer most questions related to:

Insurance reimbursement
Scheduling appointments
Directions to the office

Importantly, the PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH ROANOKE Office is accessible for the physically challenged.

How do I schedule appointments?

To schedule an initial appointment, call our receptionist at (540) 772-5140. The receptionist will be able to arrange an appointment to suit your age, area of concern, and insurance plan coverage. She can answer questions about billing, insurance and directions to PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH ROANOKE.
After your initial session at PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH ROANOKE, it is suggested that you schedule several sessions in advance to avoid scheduling difficulties. Evening hours as well as the early morning hours are the most in demand by clients. Appointments are scheduled with your clinician or the support staff at the front desk.

How long are sessions?

Counseling sessions are usually 45-50 minutes in length. Testing sessions vary in length depending on the type of assessment being completed.

What is the cancellation policy?

Since the scheduling of an appointment involves the reservation of a time specifically for you, a minimum 24-hour notice is required for cancelling an appointment. In this way, other clients may be able to utilize the time slot left vacant. A late cancellation fee is charged for missed sessions without 24-hour notification.


Currently, PHR does NOT offer testing of any kind aside from public safety and pre surgical evaluations.

What if I have a change of address, phone number, or insurance information?

Any change in address, phone number, or insurance is to be reported to the PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH ROANOKE support staff or clinician as soon as possible.

Does PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH ROANOKE take emergency phone calls?

We do not take after hours emergency calls. However, if an emergency should arise at a time when the office is closed, you can call CONNECT at 981-8181 or you can call 911, either of which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
For general questions and non-emergency issues regarding appointments or fees, please use the voice mail system. Leave your name, number, and time of call and one of the office staff will return your call as soon as possible.

Does the PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH ROANOKE office close for bad weather?

We strongly believe in protecting the welfare of clients. Therefore, in times of bad weather or other special circumstances, we may decide to close the office. If there is a question about whether or not the office is closed, please call the general office number (540) 772-5140 and the voice mail system will inform you of the status of operation at PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH ROANOKE.

What are the fees & payments policies?

Please keep the following in mind regarding payment:

PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH ROANOKE's financial policy includes the belief that the commitment to your treatment will be improved by understanding fee requirements prior to the first session.

Please note, the use of direct insurance reimbursement for payment must be verified by the administrative staff prior to the first appointment.

PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH ROANOKE expects payment in full or payment of the co-pay at the start of each session.

Checks are made payable to PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH ROANOKE or PHR. We accept credit card payments including VISA, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover.

Any NSF (non-sufficient funds) checks will be assessed a $50 processing fee.

A fee is assessed whenever there is a request for processing forms, preparing reports, or copying of office materials or records.

Any special arrangements for sharing payments between parents presently involved in a marital separation or divorce must be determined prior to the first visit.

Clients or their responsible parties have the ultimate responsibility for payment if there is a problem with insurance reimbursement or if incorrect information is provided during the insurance verification process.

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