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Chronic Pain & Illness

Dr. John Heil

Pain can negatively affect all aspects of life – emotional, family, social,
vocational and financial. Because no one can feel your pain, it may seem as
if you are misunderstood and suffering alone. This group will help you face
the many problems that pain creates, by training you in pain coping skills
and by providing counseling for pain’s emotional impact. You will do this
with the support and encouragement of others who, like you, must deal with
the day-to-day challenge of life with pain.
In the process of group therapy you may be asked questions of a personal
nature. You are not required or even expected to respond to any question that
you would feel uncomfortable answering. Whenever such a situation should
arise feel free to say, “Not now.”
All group participants should be respectful of the privacy of others, just as
you would want others to respect your privacy. A simple rule of thumb is
“What happens in group, stays in group.”

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