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Advantage EAP Employee Inquiry

How do I schedule an appointment?

All employees should call 540.989.6605 or 800.699.9396. Identify that you are an ADV EAP employee and let the scheduler know what company you work for.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

All employees are offered an appointment with a qualified therapist within three business days. Please note that if you are requesting a specific therapist, you may have to wait longer to get an appointment based on provider availability.

Is my information truly confidential?

Yes, all information is 100% confidential. We do not share anything with your employer other than generic data for quality assurance. Some examples of data shared are number of employees/spouses/children seen and reasons for being seen. There is no identifying information shared. The only exceptions to this are mandatory and supervisor-initiated appointments. In these instances, we report back to the employer the following: appointments kept or not kept and any recommendations the therapist may have.

How many sessions do I get?

The number of sessions you receive each year is determined by the contract between ADV EAP and your employer. You can find out this information when you call to schedule your first appointment. Your HR department can also give you this information. The number of sessions you receive starts over every year on January 1st.

What happens after my ADV EAP sessions are used?

After your initial sessions are completed, you are able to continue therapy with the therapist you have been seeing. If you desire to continue therapy with your therapist, you have the option for us to bill your private insurance or become a self-pay client. For self-pay clients, a discount is applied if you pay at time of service. All copays and deductibles are determined by your insurance company and cannot be changed by Psychological Health Roanoke. Payment is due at time of service.

I didn’t click with my therapist after meeting for the first time. What can I do?

If you would prefer to meet with a different therapist, all you need to do is let reception or that therapist know that you would like to see someone else. We will explore other options to ensure that you find someone who is a good fit for you.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

All complaints can be directed to the office manager, Nancy Santy. Her email is and her phone number is 540.777.7087. You can also reach out to your HR department and have them get in contact with us.

Are appointments in-person only or are virtual appointments an option?

All employees have the option to schedule an in-person or a telehealth appointment. For mandated or supervisor-initiated appointments, in-person is preferred but not required by Psychological Health Roanoke; however, your employer may require you to attend sessions in person, depending on the reason for your visit.

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