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Is our Employee Assistance Program right for you

Is our EAP program right for you?

Advantage EAP offers a 3 or 4-session model to each employee and immediate family member per incident per contract year. After the initial sessions are completed, the employee has the option to remain with their current therapist to continue treatment beyond what is offered by their employer. The employee simply provides their insurance information by the last EAP session. Our finance office files the provided insurance company, and the employee will be responsible for any copays or deductibles due.


Advantage EAP counselors, psychologists, and clinical social workers stringently follow established legal, ethical and regulatory regulations, including HIPPA, in addition to protecting the confidentiality of the employee with his/her employer. 


An established EAP, Advantage EAP employs 16 mental health professionals, representing numerous mental health specialties, who treat ages from children to geriatrics. As such, Advantage EAP has the clinical resources to address most counseling needs, whether self or management referral.


With traditional EAP programs, you meet with an EAP counselor and then are referred to another counselor to continue treatment. One of the best benefits of our program is that once you have established care with us, you have the option to continue seeing your current therapist and don’t have to be referred outside our organization.

What kind of marketing materials are available?

ADV EAP provides brochures, flyers, business cards, and training materials at no additional cost. If you need these materials, please reach out to Nancy.

What kind of training is available for employees and supervisors?

ADV EAP offers regular orientation sessions, 2 employee presentations, 2 manager training sessions, and 2 management consultations per contract year, all available at no extra cost. Trainings for employees and supervisors are available on a wide variety of topics. We have a list of presentations currently available (by request); however, if you need something specific, let us know and we will create a presentation tailored to meet your needs.

How does billing work?

Invoices are emailed quarterly unless you choose to pay annually. All annual invoices are sent in January of the current year. The current cost is $1.25 per employee per month for a 3-session model and $1.50 per employee per month for a 4-session model.  Employee counts are verified at the beginning of each quarter prior to the invoices being sent out. You can make payment online at or by check.  All checks should be made out to “Psychological Health Roanoke” and mailed to 2840 Electric Road, Suite 200, Roanoke, VA 24018. For questions about billing, please reach out to Nancy.

Who are the main points of contact?

Our office manager, Nancy Santy, is the main point of contact. Her email is Her phone number is 540.777.7087. Dr. Samuel B. Rogers is one of our owners and oversees the ADV EAP program. Dr. Rogers can be reached by email at and by phone at 540.772.5141.

How do I submit a mandatory or supervisor-initiated request?

All requests should be sent to our office manager, Nancy Santy. Email the appropriate form to If you need to speak with her prior to scheduling the appointment, she can be reached at 540.777.7087.  You can schedule the appointment with Nancy on the phone or she can reach out to your employee. Every effort will be made to give these appointments priority in scheduling.

What do I do if I have a complaint from an employee?

All complaints should be directed to our office manager, Nancy Santy. You can send her an email or for more urgent matters call her. If Nancy is unavailable, please contact Dr. Rogers.

What should I do if a tragedy happens?

Unfortunately, tragedies sometimes affect the workplace. Should this happen, please contact Nancy. She will determine what the need is and get one of our trained therapists to come on-site to be available for any employees who need them. This can be in a group or individual setting. Always encourage your employees to call ADV EAP to schedule an appointment if they feel uncomfortable meeting on-site.

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